The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority boss Dr Karikoga Kaseke has curved his name in a stone, making history by becoming the first person to undertake the first ever skywalk at the breathtaking Mutarazi Falls. The new adventure product is nicely tucked away in the scenic Honde Valley in Manicaland.

The cheeky excursion saw Dr Kaseke take the stride and experience the beauty of the view as well as the adrenaline rush that comes with such an audacious expedition.     .

“It’s a rare spectacular experience and what is more exciting is that I managed to conquer the fear of heights,” he enthused adding that, “The views are magnificent, what a great and unique way to view Mutarazi. I have no doubts that our tourists will definitely fall in love with this new adventure product.”

It is definitely difficult being the first one to walk the airborne plank but the tourism chief exuded the bravado and confidence reposed in soldiers his yesteryear profession, he takes every challenge with the seriousness it deserves.

Following his experience Dr Kaseke was quick to endorse Mutarazi Falls as the go-to local tourism destination for those who want to scale dizzy heights.

With a fall of 762m which makes it the second highest waterfall in Africa after Tugela Falls in South Africa, Mutarazi Falls is there to be seen and not just to be told.

The magnificent falls are tucked away in uninhibited wilderness where fresh air wafts across the mountain range.

Another beauty is that the Mutarazi Falls which is the latest tourism product on the market, makes for interesting visiting and is a response to the call for operators to diversify their products so definitely the new offering sis set to attract thousands of tourists to the Eastern Highlands.

There is no doubt thousands of visitors are set to visit the Eastern Highlands for the natural wonder that is waiting to be explored.

It is a pity that the major drawback at the moment is the place’s inaccessibility which continues to negatively impact on the efforts by the ZTA and other operators to promote the product.

Eastern Highlands relies heavily on the self-drive market and the poor road networks continue to hamper progress in tourism.

Lately, Mutarazi Falls has lost its glow due to the absence of safe viewing points.

Visitors to the falls often get disappointed when they fail to get close to the water as much as they would possibly want.

Far and Wide, a tourism operator that owns and operates upmarket self-catering cottages close to Mutarazi, the Aberfoyle Lodge in Honde Valley have a wide range of adventurous activities which include whitewater rafting and kayaking to name a few.

The skyline and skywalk will offer a special package that will allow visitors to experience Mutarazi Falls, providing them with safe viewing points of the popular magnificent feature.

Far and Wide Zimbabwe, is mainly known for its team building programmes aimed at adding value to the falls by introducing the Mutarazi Falls adventures.

Other adventures comprise skywalk, skyline and the zip line, which will add fun and excitement to the visitors.

It is hoped that the fun, the thrill and the adventure that comes with these new products will change the face of tourism in the Eastern Highlands.

The project fits well in the government policy of ZIMASSET which seeks to empower communities through the use of local resources in wealth and employment creation.

Dr Kaseke, however, promised to raise the issue of accessibility with relevant authorities to find a lasting solution to this problem.

He reiterated that Zimbabwe, as a tourist destination had adopted the green tourism concept, an initiative in line with UNWTO’s drive towards sustainable tourism development.

Environmentally conscious tourists are on the increase and the introduction of such products in Zimbabwe is a positive development set to increase awareness not only of Eastern Highlands but the destination Zimbabwe, A World of Wonders.


Story by Sugar Chagonda